6A Cabling Systems

Key Panduit Differentiators

  1. One of the smallest cables = 0.245 inch OD (SD: 70m)

  2. Thinnest patch cords = 0.185 inch OD (28 AWG)

  3. No field alien test requirements

  4. Support both long & short channel configurations

  5. Maybe combed & neatly bundled without concern

  6. Can be co-located with Category 6 or 5e in pathways

  7. 6A/10Gig compliant in 48-port 1U high-density patch panel

  8. All components 100% performance tested

28 AWG Cabling


  • Increased capacity & density

  • Improved cable management

  • Enhanced air flow

  • Lower CapEx and OpEx

8” or 20cm Short Length Patch Cord

  • Available in Cat6A/6 UTP and Cat6A F/UTP

  • Allows direct patching between switch and patch panel

  • No need of horizontal manager

  • Effectively use high density patch panel (1RU 48-port, 2RU 72-port)

  • Lower total cost of ownership