FiberRunner® Solution

Comprehensive System Designed for High Density Applications


  • Flexible – Configurable to virtually any network design; integrates with other Panduit cable management and infrastructure products

  • Cost Effective – Installs in half the time of alternative solutions

  • Versatile – Accommodates a wide range of cabling simultaneously

  • Protective – Spill-over junctions provide bend radius control

Channel Sections

  • Robust extruded profile

  • Integrated features allow for components to be snapped on

  • Five sizes and 3 standard colors


  • Six foot lengths available in 2X2, 4X4, 6X4, and 12X4 sizes

  • Ten foot lengths available in 24X4 size

  • 5 Channel Sizes Provide Capacity for High and Low Density Applications

  • Range of Fittings, Brackets & Spill-Outs adapt system to any structure

  • Integral Bend Radius Control and Snap-On Covers Provide Maximum Cable Protection

  • Offered in Fiber Yellow, Black & Telco Orange



Fittings Enhance Network Reliability and System Versatility

  • Full range of directional fittings protect cables from physical damage

  • 2” bend radius control

  • Robust construction

  • Snap-on split covers for range of directional fittings

  • Assemble without tools or small fasteners

  • Provides ease of access without need to remove cover